I'd like to come along

For anyone who would like to have a go, either dancing or as a musician.
The team meet on Tuesday evenings at the Harthill Village Hall from 7.30p.m.
On practice nights all you need to do is come along, wearing shoes and clothes suitable for dancing. Sticks and practice garlands are provided.

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Different dances are practised, often repeating parts over and over again until the movements of the feet, bodies, sticks, slings or garlands are co-ordinated. During the evening the team stops for a brief meeting. called a "bagging", (so called because originally all the information was kept in a bag!). This is when any business is dealt with and the secretary (bagman [lady]) informs everyone of functions and finds out who will be available to dance.

When you have learnt some of the dances, or tunes if you join the musicians, you will be invited to dance out or play as part of the team.

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